Electric Smoker vs Propane Smoker

Smoking gives a flavor to the foods that you cannot get from grill or oven. There are numerous types of smokers available in the market nowadays. Propane and electric are the two basic types of it.

Electric Smoker:

Electric smokers are the most common type of smokers. These are not portable to everywhere because they need electricity to work. The electric smoker was made for smoking for it to reach the right temperature for meat smoking. The electrical power source is inexpensive and clean compared to any other type of fuel.

Propane Smoker:

Propane Smokers work much the same as charcoal or wood version except they replace the heat source with a gas-powered burner. A box or tray of wood chips or chunks is then placed over the stove to create the wood-smoked flavour. Propane Smoker allows you to enjoy your smoky food inside and outside according to weather because it does not require a power outlet.

Propane vs Electric Smokers-Effect of Weather:

Overall there are no contraindications for using a propane smoker in the rain when it comes to the risk of malfunctions, etc.. Still, you have to take into account that if the smoker’s insulation is weak, then you might have slight problems with maintaining a fixed temperature. However, an electric smoker cannot be reliable to use in bad weather.

Propane vs Electric Smokers-Taste of Food:

If you want a smoker that churns out food with the look and taste closer to that a charcoal smoker would produce, then propane is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to smoke more delicate foods like fish and cheeses, then electric smokers control and precision that allows for this.

Propane vs Electric Smoker-Reliability:

Electric smokers are well made, easy to control and very reliable. If you have power, you can smoke food. However, Propane smoker can be less reliable, especially if they are of lower quality. Although, if something does go wrong with a gas smoker, they may be easier to fix as they are less high tech then there electric counterparts.

Propane vs Electric Smoker-Controls:

Both Propane and electric smokers have temperature control that allows you to control the temperature, according to your requirement. The best part of an electric smoker is that it comes with push-button convenience. Nevertheless, these are not portable to everywhere because you have to plug them into an outlet. They are accessible in two styles like digital and analog.

Furthermore, propane is another type of smoker where losing electricity is not an issue. Also, there is no need to plug it into an outlet, so we can say that propane smokers are fully portable. These propane smokers are more convenient are equipped with a built-in gauge of temperature and a push-button ignition system.

Propane Smoker vs Electric Smoker-Which one is better between the two?

It isn’t very easy to choose between the two because both are great with the different features, and benefits. So, choosing the right smoker for you depends on your personal preference. These are both prevalent methods of cooking. But, you need to check all their disadvantages and advantages before buying.

In case you still want our recommendations, then according to us; if you are a busy person, then you need to reconsider buying an electric smoker. However, if you love to cook and prefer having something to tend to, then you should consider purchasing a propane smoker.

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